Probe Of Uranus

this is not space exploration * this is not porn * this is the Regis Jack Experience

New Years Advice

1 - Talk about fight club 2 - Ask yourself, “Do you feel lucky?” 3 - The voices are real, but they are also dicks 4 - Everyone is an idiot about something 5 - None of this is as... Continue Reading →


It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything — let’s get warmed up … <rebooting the experience> ………………….<initializing core concepts>…………..<identification redefined>………<environment has been migrated>…………<data has been preserved>…………..<programming languages reloaded>…….<wee little winky installed and flapping in the wind>.. Welcome everyone.... Continue Reading →

Podcast Like No One is Dancing

This week is a completely unprepared look at the Dancing Plagues of the world!!!!

The Witches of Dunning-Kruger

This week is a completely unprepared look at Witch Burning and why people thought they were right about doing it.

The Reintroduction of Jegis Rack

This week I finally get back to the show with a rambling that’s sure to make you realize why you liked not listening in first place.

Saving 33,093,474,372,000 Cycles Of Radiation

This week is my obligatory bi-annual love letter to the gods of daylight saving. There is no audio this week as this show is dedicated to those you cannot hear.

My Internal Limits

This week I am just going to talk. My notes are messed up, so I’m just going to talk.

Sorry Daddy, I’ve Been Bad

This week I explain where I’ve been and catch up on many distractions.

No Pants Summer

In this episode I talk about the lack of pants in the summer and how men are dicks.

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