I’m not here to apologize. I am me. I’m not sorry.

All is quite in Regisville – an unusual turn of events.
There is no one to watch over me.
No one to guide me.
No one to prepare me for the next step.

Not that I need that, or even desire that.
The silence is golden.
All that glitters ain’t gold.

The grass is green.
The sun is shining.
In the sun I feel as one.

Telling the truth can inflict pain.
Telling lies can inflict pain.
Only the one that inflicts pain can take it away.

I can’t even tell if I am truthful, not anymore.
I’m being punished for telling my desires, my hopes, my dreams.
I’m not even sure if they are my desires, my hopes, or my dreams.
Maybe they are someone else’s.
Maybe it’s just what you wanted to hear.
Maybe it’s just what I wanted to hear.
Maybe it’s just what I wanted you to hear.

People are one dimensional.
There are no souls.
No connection to anything.

Each day I see…
Each day I hear…
Each day I feel…

And for that, I am sorry.