My life is about pain: physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.
As all of my other beliefs have come into question, pain has always been there to comfort me.

Pain allows me to live my life.
It filled the void left when my soul was torn in half.
Without pain, life is dull, listless, and boring.
My life is not worth living without pain.
I believe that everyday I should be in some kind of pain.

Pain replaces all my other feelings.
I have found peace in pain.

My life used to be about pleasure: physical, emotional, and spiritual pleasure.
I didn’t doubt anything in my life.
I found comfort in the pleasure that was my life.
Pleasure can be shared – that’s the whole point.

Pain is for me and me alone.
My pain is my own.
My life is my own.

I believe in pain.
Pain hears my prayers.
Pain is my savior.