I don’t know were you have been, but let me tell you where I’ve been. On second thought, that would be mind numbingly boring, much like this blog entry is so far. Many of you are probably asking, “But where is the witty banter and emotional outpouring that you normally read in this blog?” Well, I’ve been out so it hasn’t been done. And when I say I’ve been out, I don’t mean out away from home, but mentally out.

My mind is filled with thoughts of life, death, sex, chocolate, romance, dirt, shotguns and unicorns. Basically completely fucked. This has disrupted my life completely which is why the blog is not updated very frequently anymore. But don’t dismay, I hope to turn it around, not my thoughts, but my ability to articulate them in puzzling ways that make no sense to anyone.

Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit