Probe Of Uranus

this is not space exploration * this is not porn * this is the Regis Jack Experience


September 2006

Dragon*Con 2006 – The Report

I've been delaying my report on Dragon*Con this year for a few reasons, none of which I will share with you at this time. I was going to report on the panels I attended, the bands I heard, the costumes... Continue Reading →

What? Huh?

Recent times have been disorienting.Lots of things spinning around.Confusion hits me at every turn.... Where was I?

Dragon*Con, Shout Outs

Dragon*Con is over. I have returned, but I have not recovered from the experiences (Imay be hungover for several days). Updates will be posted in here, along with a page of pictures - all will be posted by the end... Continue Reading →

Dragon*Con and the Rebirth of RegisJack

It's been quite on the website for a few months. Some people thought that I may have given up, stopped writing, or even committed suicide. Where is the Regis Jack everyone knows and loves? He was dead. But not anymore.... Continue Reading →

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