Maybe its stress, or the fact I haven’t had sex in forever – or maybe it finally bothers me that no one likes me, they just tolerate me. Whatever it is, I’m slipping away (slip sliding away).

Reality has lost it’s meaning. My mask is prominent wherever I go. No one see my true face – not even me. I’m afraid to show it anymore. I’m afraid to show my true self. It’s clear no one wants to share in my pain. It’s clear nothing is going to change.

The boy I once was has turned into the man you fear. Fear because you don’t understand.

I know that one day I will take my own life. It’s mine to take – it’s my right. This much is certain. I won’t kill myself to make others suffer, but to end my own suffering. And for that you should be happy for me. I will be pulling the plug on a life no longer worth living.

I will go to see God and I’ll be looking at me – and my judgment will be final.