As usual, there is no one willing to kiss me as we change to the new year, and as usual, presents its 2006 year in review.

This year, Regis Jack ceased to be an individual and became the Regis Jack Experience – a non holy trinity that more accurately depicts the bizarre nature of my type of entertainment. It also allows each of them to express their views of 2006, in their own words.

Shane (the father)

  • My world became Black, but not as in darkness, as in martial arts.

  • My world became Gray, but not as in marital arts, as in my emotional state.

  • Realized my place in the world (as insignificant as it is)

  • I will use 2007 to keep myself in line and away from the rest of the trinity.

Jackson (the son)

  • Attended Dragon*Con for the first time (and not the last time) where I whored myself, met some new friends, helped some friends (one of which I helped carry out of the bar), saw a few breasts (ok, it wasn’t just a few) and even talked with a few “stars”.

  • 2006 was a big year for my involvement in Heart of An Empire, where I worked as the spiritual adviser to the films director at Dragon*Con, and also got to work on the set during filming (a couple of times).

  • Completed my Storm Trooper armor – with the extensive help of Matt – and became TK-2063 of the 501st (I found it ironic to use a significant year in Star Trek lore to represent myself in the Star Wars universe).

  • Also created “Renaissance Trooper” and did an appearance at the Renaissance Festival in Concord, NC.

  • I will use 2007 to Troop, attend conventions and be the media whore I was born to be. Oh yes and to finish another book this year.

Regis (the holy spirit)

  • I ranted at length about my pain, my vision, my dog (of which I never had one), and even manged to sneak in a little poetry.

  • Saw Britney Spears upskirt photos. Those images will be burned in brain forever.

  • I look forward to 2007 and whatever pussy it may bring.

Ok, there you have it. 2006 in the eyes of the members of the trinity. As for me (I am the Regis Jack Experience itself), I can’t wait to see what comes up next.