Probe Of Uranus

this is not space exploration * this is not porn * this is the Regis Jack Experience


June 2007

My Future is Bleak

Everything is falling apart and it's my fault. My world is spinning out of control and I have nothing to hold on to. I see the future, and it is dark. I see the present and it is dark. I... Continue Reading →

Love Really Does Hurt

I love her above all others.My love for her is eternal. I desire her beyond measure.My desire for her is eternal. I lust for no other but her.My lust for her is eternal. I have given my soul to her.My... Continue Reading →

I call Shotgun!

Do you know that feeling where you just want to sit in a dark room, alone, with shotgun and just think about life for a while? If not, lucky you.

There is No Joy In Mudville

The Mighty Regis Jack has struck out. --- “I love you so much, you must kill me know”

Work, Work, Work

Sorry I haven't been around to post anything lately. Seems my day job has forced me to cancel my life in so many ways, giving up the things that kept me somewhat sane. I'm trying to get it all back,... Continue Reading →

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