It wasn’t that long ago when my life was going so well. I looked forward to each day. I looked even further into the future and was excited to see it unfold. I was comfortable with my place in the universe. I felt complete. I was ready to grow old (well, older).

But not anymore. My life has been shattered. I am in pieces.

I dread tomorrow, as well as the rest of this day. Each moment is filled with doubt, loneliness, and emotional pain. I fear my future, because it is now uncertain. I can no longer find my place in the universe. I’m terrified to grow old. I struggle to find a reason to keep going. I question what I have done with my life so far and question even more why I should continue.

I’m being devoured by the world around me.

But every one in while, even when I feel I can bear no more, there is a spark. A small jolt where I forget about my life, forget about the universe, forget about everything. And for that split second of time, only now exists with no thoughts of anything else, not even a thought of now.

I laugh, I cry, I sit and stare – but it is certain, my life has been interrupted.