I’ve always said I’m not political.  And when I say that I mean I’m not a republican, democrat, liberal, or even a conservative.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even know what it means to be republican or democrat.  And that’s because I believe in freedom, safety, privacy, the pursuit of happiness and common sense – most of which has nothing to do with politics anymore.  I believe there should be equal power among the house and senate between both parties (which may never be possible) and there should be a better voting mechanism to allow more bills/issues can be voted on by the public.  I also believe that a bill should be brief and too the point and contain only 1 subject.   But this isn’t the issue I want to talk about.
I want talk about the non-intelligent nature of the American people of the USA.  I’m not saying everyone is an idiot and I’m not saying I’m smarter than everyone else (far from it). I’m saying that many of the people that speak out about politics do not really know what’s going on.  Here is an example.  I saw a Facebook update about Obama’s speech last night that started out with this, “I didn’t listen to very much but from what I understood…”  Then it went on to complain about what he DIDN’T hear!  WTF?!? Really?!?  This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  Someone who didn’t listen to the speech, but will provide commentary on the parts he doesn’t agree with.  I’m sure this person will say that listen to a bit of it and is commenting on that.  But that’s even worse – not listening to the complete speech, but taking a piece, possibly out of context, and use it as a basis for commentary.  If you are going to comment, please listen to the entire thing and then provide what you think is incorrect AND how to fix it.  Complainers don’t help, smart people with suggestions/improvements do.

Another issue I have is when someone on Facebook said the President doesn’t get respect, he must earn respect.  I disagree with that.  The President of the United States, who was voted in by the majority of American, by default, deserves respect.  You must respect the office first.  Over time, the President can loose respect of the American people due to action/inaction – and that’s OK.  In four years, we can vote again and start the whole change process over again.  But it starts with respect.  The problem is that many Americans have started by disrespecting the President on day one.  While this is a right as an American, it affects how people respond to him.  It makes the attacks on the President personal when they should be well thought out arguments.  Keep in mind, the President can’t fix the country/economy in a few hundred days.  It took us over 200 years to screw up our system, it may take 200 more to get out of it.

Also, please remember – it wasn’t all that long ago that if you criticized GW Bush you were called unpatriotic and probably a traitor.  I’m not sure now why that attitude has changed.

So, how do I feel about the health care bill and President Obama?  I believe that most people, including the Government, are not fully informed on how the world works and should not be making big decisions until all facts have been presented, analyzed and voted on by the American people.

That’s the way I see it and I’m so sorry you had to read it.