While technologists everywhere are condemning the iPad because it’s not a thin, small, touchscreen MacBook, I’m excited as I see this as the start of a new era of computing.  But I didn’t start that way.  I was just like the rest of them.  And it started with the name, iPad.  I had difficulty saying it.  My brain wanted to say iPod so it came out like iPo..ad or i {long pause, heavy concentration} Pad.  Just the name had given me a stutter.  I agreed with the others that said it was just a big iPhone deluxe, I called it the MaxiPad and I laughed when a good friend of mine described it as, “Now I can experience exactly how my 18-month-old daughter must feel when she picks up my iPhone!”

But then it occurred to me, give this device a LCARS interface and I can put on my Starfleet Uniform and pretend I’m on Star Trek The Next Generation!   I also realized that this device could actually become the ultimate supplement to my existing computer system.  Half the work I do on the computer is researching topics for my blog, podcast, lunches with my boss and romantic evenings with my girlfriend.  Although once I got mixed up and planned a romantic evening with my boss – got me promoted – but he doesn’t call me anymore. Having the iPad could give me the ability to be surfing the web, reading magazines, and making notes – no matter where I am.  I know there are some people saying I could do that on the iPhone, but let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken and I need a bigger screen!  It would also be great to hold all my technical manuals (including my Star Trek Enterprise Technical Manual) so I can reference them while on my system or someone else’s.

I mentioned taking notes, but I don’t see the iPad as being my writing device.  That’s why I have Scrivener on my Mac.  Would I listen to music on it?  Maybe, but I have the 80 gig iPod for that.  I wouldn’t watch movies on it either – that’s why I have my Vizio TV and Blu-Ray player; and I wouldn’t being playing games on it – that’s why I have a PS3.  That may make me a iPad prude, but that’s fine with me.  Content, content, content – that’s my credo.dark,rear,view,car

It will also be a great device for when I am out stalking my ex-girlfriend.  It’s gets boring in the car all night waiting for her to leave her current boyfriends apartment.

As for no Flash support?  Don’t care.  I’m fine with that.  I’m getting tired of websites with elaborate Flash – give me good content over Flash any day.  And without Flash, I wouldn’t spend all day playing Farmville, unless there’s an app for that.

I see the iPad as an addition to my computing environment, not a replacement for anything.  And this is just the beginning.  Once people starting using this device, it’s true nature will come through – give it some time.

One more thing. I tend to drop, sit on, step on, or dump soda pop on – every device I own.  So once they make it unbreakable and waterproof – it will be prefect!

I’m so sorry you had this.