I just returned from spending 4 days at the beach and I have realized that for those 4 days, I didn’t give a crap about anything. It was great. But instead of writing some insightful, yet entertaining blog post about, I’m just going to make a list of what I remember from the beach.

  • iPad was great for navigation (although I could really use better directions)
  • Butt Fuzzies
  • My fingers prune when it rains, but in and around the ocean, nope.
  • Bitch Slapped by the waves
  • Naked
  • Dead Jellyfish *sniff*
  • Tiny Crabs (spider-like) used for fishing bait
  • Watching the sunrise, even when it was hazy
  • It burns when I pee now
  • Watching the moon rise
  • Bleeding like a stuck pig
  • Big Ass Hole (three words)
  • Let’s talk about drinking (but shoot me in the head first)
  • Sleeping to the sound of the ocean.
That’s all for now.  Sorry you had to read it.