No matter what the weather – hot, warm, cold, raining, windy – it’s always good to be at the beach. I know you probably don’t care, but for me, the beach is about relaxation, laziness, and actually staying on the beach so I can see and hear the ocean all day and all night long.
The beach is a time to read, write, podcast (or not), reorganize, reevaluate and create new ideas. It’s also the time for overpriced buffet’s with lots o’ crab legs (and I do mean lots) and scary frog legs, a time for butt fuzzies (from the trip to and from), a time to watch wild dolphins in the surf, watch the birds guard the beach and dead jelly fish wash up along the shoreline *sniff*. It’s also a good time for sleeping, Tai Chi and meditation, but not all at the same time.

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Some days the water is rough, some days it’s calm as can be – the wind may pick you up and carry you away or be just enough to cool you down. No matter what, the beach is the place to be, unless there is a hurricane coming. Then get as far away as possible.

And of course, time to spend with the ones you love (and possibly some you don’t).

That’s all for today, sorry you had to read it.