Probe Of Uranus

this is not space exploration * this is not porn * this is the Regis Jack Experience


July 2012

Wilkes Library Con 2012

This weekend was the absolutely huge one day convention at the Wilkes County Library in North Carolina.  Well, maybe not huge, but it was over 330 people - and it's big enough to dress up in costume and talk with... Continue Reading →

Regis’ Recent Activity

Yes, it's been 2 weeks since the last podcast.  Stop bothering me. Should be one next week. New site may seem operational, but it's actually not.  Lots of deleting/importing/exporting going on. Have lost 16 pounds in the last month.  Cut... Continue Reading →

Dream: Cake

"Would you like some more?" she asked him."Yes please. This is great, " Ethan said, "What is it?" "Polyvinyl Acetate" "What?" "Pineapple Upside Down cake," she said. "Oh. Sweet. I love pineapples. Thanks for making this for me, um. What... Continue Reading →

Welcome One and All – and Forgive the Construction

Welcome to my new home on the web. I am Regis Jack, also known as the Distracted Philosopher.  This site is the conglomeration of several of my sites - hopefully all the posts will get along just fine. This is... Continue Reading →

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