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“Each Christmas, the local mall offers pictures with Santa.  I think that while the children are waiting to get their pictures taken with Santa, the fathers should be able to have their pictures taken with an 18 year old, big-breasted Mrs. Claus.  And for an extra $20, she will sit on their lap.”

Many people have asked why I waste my time ranting, raving, and writing about big-breasted Mrs. Claus.  Some say I am a rebel without a clue.  Others believe I am running for some political office.  Some have questioned my sanity, one person offered to have me committed, and still even more people believe I just don’t know when to shut up.  A close friend of mine actually suggested that I only do this to hear my own voice (or in this case, read my own words).

No matter what the reason, Regis Jack’s Perception is Reality is my attempt to express my opinions and visions in an entertaining, and sometimes serious fashion.  This book is more humorous than serious half of the time, and more serious than humorous the rest.  The humorous section covers life, sex, TV, porn, relationships, and sex; while the more serious then humorous section portrays my views of office politics with bits of humor thrown in.