My mother taught me that matching socks were important. If I wore two different socks, she made me change into matching socks. It made sense to me as a kid as it went along perfect with my matching shoes. But with matching socks, comes great responsibility. Early on it was easy as I just had 2 kinds of socks; everyday socks (the white ones) and dress socks (the black ones). As I grew older I developed a taste for nice dress socks with varying colors and patterns, but that left me with a dilemma – if one was lost or damaged, then I had to get rid of both socks. It made me become overprotective for my socks – always pairing them up and wearing them on different feet each time so as to wear them out evenly. It was so much work.

Then one day I realized – this was all stupid. What does it matter if I have matching socks? I’ve been wasting time all these years dealing with socks when all I had to do was not concern myself with matching. It has saved me time and I’m less stressed. I can still wear cool looking socks (not all black and boring) – actually I can wear two styles at once! And I can pair them up differently each time – giving me tons of combinations.

And best of all, I look cool.