Probe Of Uranus

this is not space exploration * this is not porn * this is the Regis Jack Experience


May 2015

What Is My Puppy Thinking?

While I am interested, more then I should be, about how people think and why they do the things they do — I’m more interested in what my puppy thinks. There was a time when I never gave it a... Continue Reading →

Wait … This Notification IS a Bitch

“I got a bitch who’s a man, because you’re bitches too!” - ICE T A few weeks back, during my podcast episode #282: I got 99 Notifications and a Bitch Ain’t One”, I forgot to mention one very important issue... Continue Reading →

Multitasking is Fucking Difficult

The other day I grabbed a cookie — an E.L. Fudge Double Stuff (the original) — what I call the hallucination cookie. I call it that because if you eat a few of these cookies, then take a nap on... Continue Reading →

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