I explain why men don’t understand consent, a USB killer device, Sir Michael Caine, clowns (again), and more, on this weeks episode of The Regis Jack Experience.
Picture Unrelated

Have you ever watched the Pepe LePew cartoon skunk? You know, he’s the sexually aggressive skunk is who constantly sexually assaulting a cat that is obviously trying to get away from him. So why would a cartoon show something like this and why would we laugh at it? And why would someone make a show like that? One hint, it’s because the creators (who were probably men) know that is exactly how men truly are at their core — well not all men. But this week I tell you about that subset of men that are just like Mr. LePew.

Also on the show more clowns show up in the news, and Michael Caine gives me hope in my existence and my identity.

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“My show is a “stream of consciousness” – no guests, no interviews — it’s just me talking through my struggle with existence and my pursuit of happiness (which tends to contain some strong language, so please listen responsibly). Sometimes my show is serious, other times it’s absurd, but my goal is to always entertain and hopefully make you think.

In the past I’ve talk about things like,
• George Washington’s Farewell Address
• Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness
• Solipsism (and other isms)
• Miley Cyrus’ Vagina (which I talk about a lot, I seem to be obsessed)
• God (not necessarily in a good way but not always bad either)
• Han Solo shot first – A very important topic
• And I’ve talked extensively about he difference between a guys dick and a chick’s dick (and that’s a very important distinction)

So that’s what you can expect, each and every week.

You have been warned.” – The Distracted Philosopher

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This is episode s09e34(353) for Monday, September 12, 2016 and clocked in at 33 minutes, 53 seconds