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So much happens so fast and each day provides its unique challenges.

There are struggles for power. Truth is non-existence, facts are whatever you say they are. I hear absurd things like: my crowd was bigger than yours, your hands are tiny, I have a penis therefore I make decisions about women’s bodies, you have a vagina and by definition are less of a person.

Some of this is because elderly people—who have old ideas, old values, slow or limited intellectual development, seem cognitively impaired as they are unable to grasp simple concepts, cannot deal with change, and are completely unaware of the plight of the average human—run our government — they control our livelihood. You can determine most of this by watching C-SPAN —all these politicians sound like they are saying, “You damn kids get out of my yard! Bah humbug.”

Society uses phrases such as “throw like a girl” which is completely absurd. What does that mean? Is it different to throw like a man? Does the penis help throw a ball? Does a vagina get in the way? Those answers are all no. Boys insult other boys by calling them “girls” — and men do the same except sometimes they say woman. Does being a woman make you less than a man? NO. There are strong and weak members of all genders. Some are muscle, some are brains, some are artists, some are homeless, some are poor, some are rich, some are blind, some are deaf, some are . All of this and more regardless of gender. Did you know there was a time when television shows had to show two separate beds in a married couple’s bedroom — as if people didn’t know they slept together. Mary Tyler Moore was told she couldn’t wear pants on TV because she was a woman.

Times are changing. People are changing. But some people are not. This concerns me for the future. For a future I will be unable to see — and that saddens me greatly.

We live in a society of automobiles and excessive lane highways, where vehicles think they are boss and bikers and walkers should beware.

We are changing our environment every single day. We ourselves are changing ever single day.

But from my seat, I don’t foresee a pleasant future. I see a dystopia. All the books written about a dystopia or utopia (which also turns out to be a dystopia) are very plausible giving our current state. And that terrifies me. Must we crash and burn before we can rise from the ashes to ascend into a civilization? I believe the answer is yes. Yes we do. And that saddens me even more.

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