Probe Of Uranus

this is not space exploration * this is not porn * this is the Regis Jack Experience


June 2017

Maybe It’s the Heroin Talking …

On this weeks episode I'm going to be talking about my revelation of self and how I achieved it, Mykl will talk about "alleged" rednecks (no name calling here), then I'm back with 2 things you should never do, and more.

Maybe It’s My Severe Sunburn Talking

Where there will be talk about the beach (ooooo), my personal feelings (I hate you people), when legends become facts (by Mykl), constitutional law (a hobby), and more on this weeks episode.

Shiny Happy People – No Where

Unhappy people, things I don't know, a butt plug fidget spinner (because), the return of pubic hair, and some other stuff on this weeks episode.

Vow of Science, I Mean Silence

Taking a vow of silence (or science), what is the mood for creativity, misleading tweets, comedians and politics (and house N-words), you're putting WHAT in your vagina?, and other stuff.

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