Today I’m talking about how I (and many people) silently communicate in today’s world and what that actually means, and I’ll talk about the “distractions of the week” plus I’m sure I’ve included something from Mykl about the mainstream – whatever that means.

This is episode s10e30(395) for Monday, August, 7, 2017 and clocked in at 26 minutes, 05 seconds

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What affect can you really have in 140 characters?

You can:

Destroy your career
Wreck your life
Embarrass yourself
Anger an entire nation (well most of it)
Give the media something to talk about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Wreak havoc on someone else life

Well, it’s not ALL bad, you can also: 

Show your support
Bring people together
Bring awareness to a situation
Send a positive message
Make a positive difference in someone’s life
Make a call to action

A lot of people made fun of Twitter (the source of the ‘140 characters’) for it’s short tweets, but when you get down to it, the tweet is mightier than the sword. And so it seems, a tweet is worth a thousand words, even if it doesn’t contain a picture (which would be another thousand words). Actually, instead of a picture, you can add a meme, which is worth about two thousand words, or an animated gif and that’s worth about 5 – 10 thousand words.

Of course this applies to more than just a tweet, it’s the same for text messages, iMessages, FB Messenger, FB LIVE, Periscope — any IM client where short is considered the norm.

I have entire conversations in memes and gifs without ever having to write a single real word and I still manage to get a message across. Actually it’s sometimes easier to use a meme or gif — because everything’s already been said and there is one for EVERYTHING. Also, makes you braver in conversations as it’s not “YOU” saying it, it was an object — you can blame it.

Sticks and stones may break bones, but words … words are the most powerful things in existence. They cause wars, peace, hate, love, and they incite people to action to help or to harm. No one has the patience to read very much anymore, so it is these short bursts that people will cling onto the most and believe the most. Just like headlines. People believe the headlines and never read the story. Makes fake news so much easier. 

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences from the people around you for what you say because anything you’ve said or posted in the past will always be used against you (not to help you)— just like the police tell you. Because {insert god of your choice} forbid you change positions or grow as a person over time.

Oh, and if you a have a typo, like Covfefe, all news media and TV shows and comedians will stop everything and beat you with it for as many weeks as they can.

BTW being able to convey a message in 140 characters is extremely valuable. Think of it as an elevator pitch. How do you get people interested in what you have to say in as little words as possible? That’s where the power is.

I would like to apologize for a tweet this morning. The tweet said, ‘I hate all of you and I want you all to die a quick painful death,’ but what I tried to say was, ‘Good morning everyone’ – damn autocorrect

— The Distracted Philosopher

—>> “The Never-Ending as Always” <<—

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Special thanks this episode to Mykl’s @ Rhetoric of The Idle Mind