In this episode I’m going to explain how “snowflakes” aren’t the people you think, unreliable broadcast TV, sanctioned up skirt photos, 280 characters, and more.

This is episode s10e37(402) for Monday, October, 2, 2017 and clocked in at 17 minutes, 40 seconds

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“Do you love your guns, God, and Government?” (from the great philosopher Marilyn Manson)

I do, do you? Do you really?

Freedom of speech? Everyone loves that. Well, until someone expresses as an idea you disagree with. Then many of you people yell, scream, and threaten those who express that freedom.

I’m not hear to tell you about who wrote the pledge of allegiance, or about the national anthem (which doesn’t have the name of our country in it for some reason), or what disrespects the flag. I’m not not going to tell you what God, flag, or anthem you should worship. I’m also not going to talk about the fake news around this flag stuff — but I do ask you double check all of your Facebook posts before you agree with something that’s made up. 

I’m happy to see people taking a knee in protest and I’m happy to see people against those who take a knee in protest. That’s great! You want to burn your sports teams jersey in protest? That’s great too! That’s what USA stand for. People of different ideals and beliefs. If taking a knee didn’t get this kind of attention, then it would not be working as well as it is. The point of protest is to get our attention and while it should be peaceful, it’s going to upset a lot of people. And that’s ok.

I love my Government, even though it’s not perfect, sometimes really screws people really bad, can’t solve homelessness, bullies people, and doesn’t treat citizens equally. Also I’m white, so … yeah. 

Which brings me to my point.

I’m here to talk to the snowflakes out there — but not the ones you think. Not the millennials (which, btw don’t really exist, it’s just a label older people use when they can’t accept change). I’m talking to you — the 40+ year olds who: whine and complain about how kids today are so sensitive but yet these people are whining and complaining about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem (and in front of the flag). I mean these 40+ year olds are saying they can’t even watch NFL anymore because of this. 

I’m talking about the 40+ year olds who now need a trigger warning before watching a football game.

I’m talking about the 40+ year olds who complain that this younger generation gets awards for participation — and when they whine about this, it very much sounds like jealously to me. Really listen to these people. They are petty.

You are the snowflakes. Not the younger generation. It’s the older generations always complaining always whining.

You are the ones that cry because of statues, complain about taking a knee, use the phrase “like a girl” as an insult.

Can’t you see that? It’s the older generation who (air quotes) “always had to work hard or had it worse”. 

The snowflakes are the bitter, angry, impatient older generation. These old people get triggered and then go off on an angry FB rant against the NFL.

But it’s not all old people. I’m in that group — but yet here I am whining and complaining — but hopefully this isn’t coming off as angry or violent. That’s not my intention. It’s my intention to point what I think is ridiculous and to support peaceful protests.

I’m here to just say a few things:

I’m not trying to tell anyone they are wrong — just that they look like an idiot to the rest of us

Middle to upper class white people — shut up — we are the source of the problem.

The real “snowflakes” in society are 40+ year olds complaining about how sensitive kids are while whining over NFL players taking a knee

If you feel the younger generation are snowflakes, look in the mirror, it’s your generation that taught them.

And finally, if an NFL player taking a knee during the national anthem bothers you — then it is working.

Please continue to love your Guns, God, and Government. I know I do.

It’s amazing how so many people can’t see the difference between, ‘tells it like it is’ and ‘tells you what you want to hear’ #irony #waitforit

— The Distracted Philosopher

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