In this episode I’m going to talk about the person inside of you and me, a police shooting, apologizing for old tweets, and other odd stuff — also Mykl has some words of wisdom.

This is episode s10e33(403) for Monday, October, 9, 2017 and clocked in at 18 minutes, 06 seconds

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I was reading an NPR article recently about the Las Vegas shooting when I came across the quote, “I don’t understand how a person can do such a thing,” and I was like — really? How can you not understand? Then it occurred to me, a lot of people believe that someone else’s emotions and motives are visible in what they say and do. Some people believe you can look at a person and know what kinda of person they are.

I feel sorry for these people because they can’t see the world around them. They can’t even see themselves.

This face — my face — is a complete lie. And yours is too.

This is because fear, pain, anxiety, depression, suicidal desires — are invisible. These are things you cannot always see even when they are right in front of you. I’m living proof. On the outside all you see is that I’m calm and cool. I appear happy. I participate in discussions, play games, hang out with friends. From the outside everything is fine and that’s all anyone ever has to know. As far as my friends and family are concerned, I’m fine.

But on the inside I’m screaming, crying, yelling, running away … dying. I’m not saying this to garner any sympathy, I don’t care what you think of me. I do care that you understand that depression, sadness, darkness, suicidal thoughts are not outliers of our society. They are common. Very common. They are every where. They are every one. And they are invisible.

You know what else is very common? Anger. Impatience. Vengeance (or revenge). Need proof? When the light turns green, don’t go. Stay there for 10 seconds and see how impatient and angry people get. Actually please don’t do this because there is a good chance violence will ensue. This is because it’s actually very scary how quickly people go from happy to angry — and for the stupidest reasons. But it’s worse than that. Sometimes this angry can be invisible too.

A lot of people hold on to anger year after year and never show it. They keep it deep inside. They tell no one. It’s not visible in their face or how they live their daily lives. But it’s there, deep inside, eating away, devouring their soul, distorting their view on reality, distorting their values and ethics, destroying their humanity. But yet, from the outside, everything appears perfectly fine or even more than fine.

Depression, fear, pain, anxiety, suicidal desires, violent tendencies, the desire to harm others — ALL of these can easily be invisible. So when you go looking for an explanation as to why someone would harm themselves, or harm others — you may never find it. There may never be any tangible evidence for what they were feeling inside.

Many have asked, “Is there any way to identify these people before something bad happens? You know, so we can help them (with lots of drugs)— or — put them on a list? You know, so they can’t buy guns or so we can lock them up because they have the potential to commit a crime or the potential to commit a violent act?”

The answer is yes and NO (that’s NO in large capital letters as in NO NO NO NO). 

It’s yes because we could look for traits, have questionaries, psych evaluations government mandated, and then use statistics to determine if someone may be dangerous. Then we could lock them to for the greater good (altogether, “the greater good”). Wouldn’t that be grand? Pre-crime! Kinda like Minority Report. 

But the really answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO to the infinite power because … Really? Do I need to explain how horrible this is? Have you not read EVERY dystopian (and some utopian) society books? It never turns out well. And it’s a huge violation of our rights as human beings. Also, statistics can easily be manipulated and cannot be trusted. And we couldn’t trust anyone to not abuse the system.

So, is there a solution? I’ve thought about this a lot. I don’t have a solution because, frankly, solutions are hard. Very hard. Extremely difficult. Because of this people think they can pass laws to solve the problem — and that doesn’t work. A solution to this problem requires work. Lots of work.

I do think the solution STARTS with learning the entire story beginning to end, separate the FACTS from FICTION, separate the FACTS from BELIEFS. And then creating a new story — beginning to end — only then can you START a true solution.

Or maybe the solution is as easy as THC aka cannabis, pot, weed, grass, herb, reefer, Mary Jane, chronic, rope, kush, ganja, and a whole host of other names

Solving problems requires an immense amount of thinking and the human race seems to have lost that skill over the years. All we have left is our beliefs and those are correct 100% of the time.

— The Distracted Philosopher

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