In this episode I ask, “Where are we going?” And I explain why I say, “And sometimes Y.”

This is episode s11e04(412) for Monday, February 5, 2018 and clocked in at 17 minutes, 57 seconds

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Really. I won’t. 😉

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(warning, this is a rough draft and grammatical errors are evident!)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This question is commonly asked in interviews. Along with the infinitely ridiculous question of, “What is your biggest weakness?” I mean really? So you want me to pick something that appears to be a weakness but show how it’s a strength? Or are you looking for the real answer? Like porn or cupcakes? 

But I digress.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Honestly, I don’t. I don’t see myself in 5 or 10 or any number of years. And I find the question absurd. I see myself now, in the present. I don’t waste my time daydreaming of what could be or what will come. You see, right now I choose to be all I can be (that sounds like some sort of slogan). I’m doing what I want to do now. If I don’t like what I’m doing, then I change. Make adjustments. Being me right now will ensure I will continue to be me for as long as I live.

If I give you a 5 year plan or predication of my future career choices, I feel as if I’m putting myself in box that I may never escape. I’ve spent a lot of my life looking forward or looking backward — but now I exist in the present. I’m actually here. Now.

I made the mistake of planning a few weeks ago on this very show when I talked about all the things I wanted to do on this show this year. Why would I do that? Each week I pull information from this show out of my ass, or brain, or some random notes. What I’m trying to say is that this show is written, created, built — then immediately recorded. It’s literally whatever is on my mind at the time. If I write the podcast, then record the next day, it doesn’t work because I don’t FEEL the show deep inside my soul. Or maybe I don’t feel it and it just needs to get out of my head. Either way, planning has never worked for this show in 10 years, so I’m not gonna start now.

Another question that comes up in interviews is to name your 5 strengths or 5 words that describe you. Obviously “planner” is not one of mine. I’ve done several different exercises that can help you find your words. I’ve come up with adaptable, analytical, perceptive, curious, patient and creative, adaptable, patient, influential, curious. Or words like talker, writer, podcaster, philosopher, etc. But through everything I finally came up with the words that describe me best.

I’m arrogant, impulsive, emotional, unstable, and obscene.

I know what you are thinking, did I just use negative words to describe myself? Yes and no. They are only negative if you are unable to see the forest through the trees, or if you can’t think outside the box, or can’t break out of the standard paradigm. Look at it this way. Michael Jackson was bad and that was good.

So let’s just go through these quickly so you can see what I mean.

Arrogant. Yes, I think I’m great! I don’t think I’m the greatest thing in the world because I understand there is always a bigger fish and that people can be great in so many ways. But I am going to act like I’m great. Gives me a positive attitude in my work.

Impulsive. I make decisions when needed based on available information. I don’t sit around overthinking things. I get things done. 

Emotional. Passionate. I enjoy doing what I do. I’m sad when things don’t work out. I’m not overly emotional — crying at work because email won’t retrieve fast enough

Unstable. Always changing. Always learning. Always adapting. If you think I have a certain way to view something, ask again, I may have learned something and changed my views.

Obscene. Not as in swearing or pornographic. I present ideas that cause people to look at me as if I said something obscene. Maybe I suggest firing a department of people …

Oh, and sometimes Y. AIEUO — they are vowels. Sometimes Y is a vowel. So I use that too. What does it mean? Exactly what it sounds like. Why? Ask why. Always ask why. You’ll learn a lot. 

Go out there and get your own words. What is it that makes up you? What are you? Where are you going? Where are you going right now? 

Don’t meet me behind the Taco Bell at noon and don’t bring cash because you won’t need it. I won’t bring the stuff that you want. So this is definitely not any kind of deal that is happening. Just to be clear. And definitely not at noon.

— The Distracted Philosopher

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