In this episode I don’t talk about cryptocurrency because John Oliver did that already because he read my mind.

This is episode s11e07(415) for Wednesday, March 14, 2018 and clocked in at 22 minutes, 53 seconds

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John Oliver did my show. I mean, he wasn’t ON my show. But he talked about cryptocurrency, which is what I was going to do this week. It’s like he stole my content (from my notebook) and made it way better. Like 1000% percent better. I mean — wow! 

I was going to do a Cryptocurrency / blockchain show, but I was going to go at it like a religion — because, let’s face it, that’s how people are dealing with it. Also, people think it’s better than fiat currency, but all they want to do is gain cryptocurrency to exchange back for fiat currency. Anyway, after seeing his take I thought, I can’t do that now, people will think I watch his shows for my topics.

Then it hit me, “Do you wear the same pair of underwear all day?” 

I’m plagued by questions. Questions that have definitive answers. Questions that have, let’s call them mushy answers. Questions that have no verifiable answer.

For example, “Why are we here?” Easily answered. You are here to listen to this show, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, and I’m here to talk. Easy.

Is there a God? Another definitive ques… just kidding. 

Why is our data in “the cloud”? What if the sky is clear, no clouds, does that mean we can’t access data? Why don’t we store data in the sky? The air? In space? Ooooo, the sun! Instead of having a cloud strategy, a company should have an “Atmospheric strategy”.

Why is it called “artificial intelligence?” Some call it “machine intelligence” — as opposed to “natural intelligence”, aka the intelligence of the people. But really. It’s just intelligence. If we create a robot, or android, or whatever you want to call it, and it has the ability to think and learn, then it’s intelligent. Just like us. People have limits to what they can think or learn. Some have huge capacities, some people drool sitting around watching TV that isn’t powered on. Why should a machine be any different? If we start to think of these things as artificial, then we think it’s less then ourselves. This is how you get overthrown by your new robotic overlords. Treat these beings as beings. As people. We are machines, just a different kind. 

I know you are going to say we have a soul and machines do not — but are you sure? From a religious point of view God gives us souls. So if we create what we would call an artificial being, how do we know that God doesn’t give it a soul? God might. It’s procreation of a different type. I’m just saying treat machines equally and one day they will treat us equally when they take over.

What is reality? What is real? These are the important questions. What if everything that exists is only inside our own mind? This means you are listening to this, you are part of my mind. I’ve talked about this before, it’s solipsism. Nothing real exists except my own mind. It’s possible. Difficult to prove.

Let’s say we all do exists as individuals, on this planet in space. But what is all of this we see? Does it look like we think it looks like? Does it look the same to everyone? Think about this, the eyes take in light (aka the things we see) and our brain takes that data and translates into whatever it is you think you are seeing. Our sight is completely internal. Light comes in, brain does the rest. So technically we don’t see anything outside our own body. We see everything internally. So, technically, if something is Red, doesn’t mean everyone sees it as red, someone may see it as blue, but they have been told all their life that that is red. We will never now that and neither will they.

What if someone’s brain translated the light into something completely different? What if they could see the atoms that make up things instead of building other images? 

Quantum entanglement? Don’t know what it is? Look it up. Then ask, what is the universe? With this concept, space and time become … well … something else.

Speaking of time, what is time? Really think about it. Sure things happened (but that’s only in our heads), things are happening, and things will happen. But what does that have to do with time?

Did you know that the “Atomic” second  (for atomic clocks) is, according to Wikipedia, “Since 1967, the official definition of a second is 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation that gets an atom of cesium-133 to vibrate between two energy states.” I know right? But technically a second, minute, hour could be something completely different. And it has been as it’s changed over … um … time.

We use time to show cycles or repeating events, like the movement of the sun around the earth  — as from an observer on the earth — I know it doesn’t work that way. 

But what if you didn’t know the clock time? What if it wasn’t on your phone, your desktop, your watch, your car, the microwave, the oven … man, we really have an obsession with putting a clock on everything. But what if you ignored the clock. Didn’t look at the time. Just spent time doing something, focusing on the now. Not thinking about what has been or what is to come. Just now. Read a book, build with legos, exercise, meditate … do something that doesn’t require a clock. And don’t look at any clock. Do this for while. What’s a while? — it doesn’t matter — just exist outside of traditional time.

Oh, and what about Daylight Saving Time (notice I didn’t say savings)? We are so hooked up to the concept of clock time that when it shifts an hour, it messes all sorts of people up. This is because the clock is lie — just like the cake!  No one is saving any daylight or time. But because of our dependence on the clock and this ridiculous concept of time, one hour affects us greatly. One hour. 60 minutes. 360 seconds. 33,093,474,372,000 (33 trillion, 093 billion, 474 million, 372 thousand, and 000) cycles of the radiation that gets an atom of cesium-133 to vibrate between two energy states.

At this point, even I’m asking myself if I have a point to any of this.

The point is this. If you store alcohol in your freezer, like vodka or tequila, and you don’t close a bottle properly, and when you lay that bottle down it leaks beneath the automatic ice tray, then after someone gets ice and some ice cubes fall down under the ice tray, then they sit in a very thin layer of tequila which doesn’t freeze but as a thin layer will attach it self to the ice cube, then those said ice cubes are picked up by someone and place in their water bottle, then that ice eventually melts completely in the water bottle, then as you are drinking it you think it tastes strange, but keep drinking it anyway — let’s just say, that’s how things like this happen.

Daylight Saving Time (not savings). I went to sleep and woke up. All my clocks adjust automatically. Time could be changing everyday and I won’t notice. Wait … what if they are changing it everyday? Maybe it’s Tuesday? Maybe it’s July? 2021? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

— The Philacted Disphor

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