In this episode I talk about GISH, my anxiety, and other stuff.

This is episode s11e10(418) for Monday, April 30, 2018 and clocked in at 15 minutes, 56 seconds

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Warning: This is the stream of consciousness text behind the podcast. It may contain incomplete sentences, incorrect grammar, and other mistakes. JSYK


There are several things I really dislike in life. Meeting strangers IRL I met on the internet, spending time with people I know, driving to unfamiliar places, and coming in physical contact with another human being.

This weekend — I did all of those — and it wasn’t horrible — well, not completely.

I blame Misha Collins and GISH — “Welcome to the New World Disorder.”

GISH is the new shorted form of GISHWES, which was the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen. It’s been shorted to GISH for your pleasure. GISH represents a world of people looking to do weird, weirder, and weirdest things for the betterment of human kinda, for peace, and for love. It’s about helping humanity and doing really weird stuff.

The hunt for 2018 will occur July 28 – August 4, but due to the newest nature of sock monkeys, toe rings, and the desire to be weird, there is the GISH app (iOS and Android) where Misha will be challenging GISH teams everywhere to … umm … challenges. Want to know what happened recently, search of #GISHChallenge1 on twitter, on instagram, on wherever to see pictures of the most recent challenge. The first challenge this year was to meet with other GISHers in your area at a local coffeeshop and create a ransom note style manifesto for this years GISH and have it displayed at the shop. Also, in a random act of kindness, we tipped the staff of the coffeeshop quite well!

If your interested in the adventures or want to join, visit GISH dot com or search for GISHWES anywhere to see past stuff.

Anyway, I met up with a few total strangers and we did the thing, you can find the results on my twitter feed. Of course, due to the fact that Misha is our commander in chief, and many of his fans are  Supernatural fans, and the fact that most Supernatural fans are young women — it felt a bit awkward, but everyone seems right at home as we had the same goal to attain. Appease our leader the Great Misha, aka Queen of the Sock Monkey’s.

Thanks Misha for making me get out and do uncomfortable things and actually be comfortable.

Next up, was D&D — yes I said it — Dungeons and Dragons — of which there was nether of those present. I’ve recently joined up with a group of friends, well one friend and three people I didn’t know, at someone else house (which also makes me uncomfortable) to play a game I haven’t played since late middle / early high school — the first edition. I’m the least experienced player as well, making it even more uncomfortable, but everything is settling in very well, I’ve been accepted and it’s understood I’m back in learning mode. It’s a weekly gig for the next …. Who knows how long. And I think it’s going to turn out to be great.

And then …. It was an unexpected meet up for dinner with friends, one of which I haven’t seen in many years. There were hugs and camaraderie and all was great.

Oh, and to kick off the weekend, I hand delivered Taco Bell, after midnight, to three very beautiful and fairly tipsy women. At a location I’ve never been. In someone else apt. 

Basically, I did everything that gives me anxiety and I somehow survived it all. Anxiety is a very strange mistress. It occurs when you least expect it and sometimes hides completely when you most expect it.

So get off your ass and do some uncomfortable stuff this week, I will, and so should you.


Find your paradise. Stay on target with your goals. Good wine, beer, food, and music. Adventures. Be Confident. Get out & play. THAT is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question.

— The Distracted Philosopher

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