This week I finally get back to the show with a rambling that’s sure to make you realize why you liked not listening in first place.

This is Season 12, episode 1 (aka #425) of “Maybe it’s the heroin talking” for Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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Warning: This is the stream of consciousness text behind the podcast. It may contain incomplete sentences, incorrect grammar, and other mistakes. JSYK


It’s new year, although it’s pretty much just like the one before it. It’s a new season of this show, but it’s really just like the previous season. And this year I’m a new person with new goals and ambitions, but really I’m the same person I was last year, but a bit more medicated, with the help of my freelance pharmacist. 

I disappeared. I went away. I looked at each day, the distractions, the media, people, the hate, the fact you can lose your job over something you tweeted 10 years ago, the — everything — and I asked myself, “How did I get here? How do I work this? Where is that large automobile?” 

But then Hope (the person, not feeling) reminded me of a quote from the Scarecrow (from the Wizard of Oz, not the fear gas guy) who said, “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t you think?”

So many people talking without thinking or worse yet, people with binary thinking. It’s black or white, love me or hate me, build a wall or open borders, PC or Mac … it goes on and on. And it has been all of this absurdness of the world that cause me to take a step back from the podcast, from everything. It disgust me.

Which brings me to quote from a meme (which basically just means I can’t verify the actual source) which says, “When people talk about traveling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present really thinks that they can radically change the future by doing something small.” And at first I was like, whoa … this is so true. But then I thought about it. You know, used that brain I was given (the one that never turns off) and realized this is completely false, and yet it is still somewhat true. 

It’s not just the politics and Trump hate that disgusts me — and just so you know, Trump disgusts me, but people who just say fork Trump — you disgust me too because you are just like him, using hate to spread your message. Fighting hate with hate doesn’t work. What also disgusts me is what I’m doing. Every forking yahoo has a podcast and half of them are about the Marvel universe. Every video on youtube starts with, “Subscribe to my channel,” and then ends with, “Don’t forget to click here to subscribe.” And what’s with adding almost a minute of your logo with subscribe buttons when you are just showing the exact same trailer released by the film company? You aren’t even adding any original content! I don’t want to subscribe or follow you in any way, I just want to watch this ONE FORKING VIDEO! 

Then there are the social media influencers, which are grouped into hot babes, hot babes showing their butt, some guy who will tell you how to be an influencer, some person just saying follow all these people, and then there is always someone with original good content (although it’s hard to find). I know some of you are thinking I’m sexist, but let’s face it, if you loved my content, loved my podcast, you would not watch me on youtube for any length of time, unless I was young and pretty. It’s sucks, but it’s the truth. The problem is all of these people call themselves influencers — regardless of what they do. Just because I call myself Doctor, doesn’t mean I’m one.

Just a side note, I’m a huge fan of hot babes, hot babes showing their butt, and hot babes on twitter. I’m not judging them, I’m just jealous of them. Extremely jealous. I’m just turning into a bitter old man.

Let’s get back to why I’m here, why I’m back. I made a promise to myself to create a podcast episode weekly as best as I could — and in 2018 I failed. I looked at the world and thought it didn’t need another voice. There were too many already. Personally I looked at the world and thought is didn’t need me. My time was expiring. My inner turmoil was out of control. But then I realized that NOT podcasting was not helping. I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t being creative. I was lump (and not ‘a’ lump, just lump because that statement indicates I was lazy as fork, but I’m not bad at grammar).

The other problem was I was trying to hard. Trying so hard to write something I felt was epic, well thought out, and something people would tell their friends out, but that was never the point of this show. This show is about my stream of consciousness at the time of writing and recording. It’s not supposed to be perfect or highly produced. Everything here should be a first draft. That’s the point. For me to create weekly. Regardless of if that creation needs to die afterwards. That’s what makes me different than everyone else. I’m a good quality podcast, with my original content or my take on current events, with a focus on the philosophy and psychology, with a goal of entertaining myself and learning by writing and recording.

No more “planning” of podcast topics. That doesn’t work for me. If I’m gonna do that, then I’m gonna SELL that content. Not giving away my awesome stuff for free. Actually, I am. This is my awesome stuff. I’m awesome and depressed and happy and sad and afraid and not afraid — is there a word for not afraid? Oh yeah, brave!

Any who, I’m back this year (at least for this week). Please subscribe to my channel. I’m Regis Jack, social media influencer and show-er of my butt on instagram (and snapchat). Please follow me on twitter or instagram and don’t forget to click subscribe to my channel where I’ll put my logo before someone else’s content. Also please follow my friends who are also influencers. And don’t forget to NOT support me on Patreon. Really, don’t do it. It even says so on my page. Did I mention you should subscribe to my podcast via your favorite app or the RSS feed directly!

All this talk about Netflix’s BirdBox movie — the movie is so unrealistic. I mean, no one would ever look up from their phones.

— The Distracted Philosopher

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