What Others Are Saying about The Regis Jack Experience

That was amazing. You are awesome. You may have single handedly saved my faith in humanity.

— SC

As someone who has faithfully listened to every episode, I have to ask… what am I doing with my life??? #Congrats

— @iOrder66

It hit a lot of feels.

— hd

I came by, you weren’t here, never talk to me again


You know that feeling you get, when an unattractive person starts at you lustfully? You feel flattered, but somehow violated. Maybe you want to run and hide, but the shackles they lock on you prevent you from moving. The Regis Jack Experience give you those feelings, but somehow manage to enlighten, and if you’re very lucky, educate you as well. At the end of his podcast, I never know whether I want to weep, or touch myself. If it’s possible to for anyone to touch your brain inappropriately, he manages to do just that. Enjoy… or don’t, cause he keeps talking anyway.

— Deeesher

An entertaining weekly podcast. Always makes me think. Always makes me laugh. Mostly makes me question why I’m listening

— EGsDad

The Regis Jack Experience is literally the ass cheek of existence

— anonymous