It’s been quite on the website for a few months. Some people thought that I may have given up, stopped writing, or even committed suicide. Where is the Regis Jack everyone knows and loves?

He was dead. But not anymore.

Regis Jack will be at Dragon@Con this weekend, wearing his kilt, giving away buttons, signing autographs (for the few that may actually care), and displaying a few of the new graphics found on the T-shirts at

I believe I have create some of the most offensive T-shirts that even hardcore people wouldn’t dare wear them. If you haven’t seen my line of “Suicide Shirts”, go back to and check out the store. I’m not just saying this to sell shit, it’s dare. And if promoting suicide is too much for you, there are some religious items that are basic, but will piss off any Christian you may find.

So as I, Regis Jack, become reborn, I begin writing again, continuing my work on, “Probe of Uranus”, a humorous SciFi novella about a guy who wants to use a time machine to get laid, but ends up as the key to the destruction of the universe. It will have humor, sex, rape, death, time travel, space ships and some scenes that may be too much for a traditional publisher, so you will have to find it on my website.

Ok, enough self promotion, I’ll do enough of that at Dragon*Con.

If you see me there, say hi – I’ll be easy to spot – not young, bald, denim kilt, flashing lights, lots of buttons attached to give away, painted nails, rosary, and talking a lot to people I don’t even know. I won’t be the most freaky person there, just freaky enough to get some attention. You will find me anywhere Traci Lords goes, at the nightly drum circles, or otherwise looking to get laid.

So, alas, I must sign off as I head down to Atlanta, Ga for Dragon*Con 2006.