Let me take you on a journey, if I may, that leads to the ultimate destruction of my soul.  It won’t be short, and I’m sure parts of it will not be worth the trip – like the recent end to Stargate Universe.  I mean, come on!  You knew you were ending the series, why couldn’t people die tragically, or get stuck for 3 million years in stasis only to find out a race of beings evolved from your cat and your only companion is a holographic representation of your dead bunk mate.  I admit, I was happy to see where it was going as a show, but FRAK!  I wanted more.  Anyway, where was I.  Oh yeah. Journey, not the band – although they do have some good songs.  Did I mention my mind tends to wander?
Anyway, please join me as I express my feelings and thoughts in small pieces -for better or for worse.

Actually, this will probably be my last post as I get distracted easily.