My vocabulary ain’t very big. I use simple words. I talk pretty one day. But, alas, my time has come to embrace the words I learned over the years in actual sentences. Or, more to my point, in word games.

I’ve played scrabble for years, but mostly as a kid. Where I used words like, hi, him, one, two, ax, axe (oooo, a varient!), it and other words of a child my age that was educated in public school. Once I tried to use the word ‘Oreo’ in a game with my Grandma, but she slammed me hard on the rule where we couldn’t use proper nouns. She was a tough scrabble player, even when I was 8. I still have nightmares….

Anyway, the age of social networking has stolen the gaming concept of Scrabble and now calls it Words with Friends. I play this game often and get my ass handed to me by my friends on a regular basis. And while I win once in awhile, its usually luck – got a triple word or letter with an X and stuff like that. But today is different.

Today is not about winning. It’s about the fact I was able to use ALL 7 tiles to create a word that I knew. I starred at my letters on and off for a while trying to figure out what to with them. And then I saw it. ‘Throne’ I know you’re saying, “Hey, you said you used all 7! What’s the deal?” I did use all 7, but I had to start somewhere. Actually I what I saw was, TH<blank>ONEN”. Once I had that, I just had to find a place to put THRONE on the board (because Thronen isn’t a word). But in looking, my spaces were limited, but I continued to look and look.

And there it was. There was an available ‘E’ on the board. And that’s when it came together – ENTHRONED. I trembled as I dragged the letters from my tray to the board. I dropped a letter part way because I was sweating (the iPad doens’t like wetness, although I do!). But eventually I placed the word on the board. But before I pressed the Play button, I had to run around my apartment showing everyone what I was about to do. Tears streaking down my eyes in happiness.

61 points! Take that Grandma!